Creating the space and the place for real connection and conversation
Bringing us together
One chat at a time
Bringing us together, one chat at a time
Hello Bench is the common ground upon which we can make a more connected place.

Truly. Connected.

Can one chat do all that?

You tell us.
Sit down, chat it up and take off to a more connected world.
Rendering of Hello Bench for website


what's the big idea?

The idea is as radical as it is simple.

Take a seat, have a chat and leave the world a little more connected than you found it.


How does it work, exactly?

Folks sit on a bright turquoise bench

in the shape of a question mark. Questions on the bench like, “What brings you joy?” break the ice and spark friendly chats. To hatch more chats, each bench comes with its own launch kit that, along with a national challenge, encourages people to participate.


I'm in. So what’s next?

Go have a chat. No bench yet?

Purchase one or organize your community to purchase one. If you want to purchase a Hello Bench, we want to sell you one. Consider a bench for your downtown, local park, library, museum, campus or corporate campus.

A few fun facts: the bench is primarily made from recycled ocean plastic, comes with a “Participation Launch Kit,” and you get to pick your question!

What happens when we put down our devices and are left to our own devices?

The world is full of barriers to human connection. Hello Bench is breaking down those barriers, one chat at a time. Sure, smart devices are great. You can navigate traffic, buy stuff and learn about the weather outside—but have a face-to-face chat with someone new, and you can discover something about them, about you, about us.



We will have a ribbon cutting to celebrate the launch of the first 100 benches across the US the week of April 5th, 2021.

Come April 2021, if you see a Hello Bench, have a seat, have a chat and share your experience. If you don’t have one coming near you, shout out to your community, “I want my Hello Bench!” Simply reach out to us and we’ll reach out to your community decision-makers – or if you want to lead the convo, we’ll set you up with a “HBP Share Kit.” Also, #HelloBench on your favorite platform.



Are you part of an organization looking to support real-deal connection in your community? Join the Hello Bench Project and become one of our Partners. As one of our Partners, we’ll share the word far and wide that you’re aligned and committed to bringing us closer together, one chat at a time. Just reach out below and we’ll jump on a call.



Are you picking up what we’re putting down? Think a Hello Bench would rock your corporate campus, town square, library, school or museum? Looking to be one of our founding 100 benches and participate in our national ribbon-cutting celebration come April 2021?  Drop us a line below and we’ll make it happen, cap’n.

Check out the Bench Info Here!